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My current work attire:

The reason behind the rediculosity:

Now that's very dark, but it says 12 degrees. Our furnace kicked the bucket last night at 5 PM and we haven't had heat since. We've got a few space heaters but our apartment is huge and they aren't doing much. My roommate/co-worker is dressed in a similar fashion.

That said, I braved the canal yesterday with my new skates during a balmy -34 with 25KMh winds so this feels a bit nicer by comparison :)

Now, entertain me with your own stories of cold adventures/apartments. Back to my work and tea.


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[personal profile] rainflowermoon 2011-01-24 08:47 pm (UTC)(link)
My flat is heated, but it is still cooler than average because of poor insulation issues, and the A/C unit lets in cold air, so we have to dress warmly and/or don fleece blankets.

Cold weather and I don't get along, I ache a lot, but there is pain meds, netflix, and plenty of math (yuck) to distract me.

Hopin the furnace gets fixed soon!