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My current work attire:

The reason behind the rediculosity:

Now that's very dark, but it says 12 degrees. Our furnace kicked the bucket last night at 5 PM and we haven't had heat since. We've got a few space heaters but our apartment is huge and they aren't doing much. My roommate/co-worker is dressed in a similar fashion.

That said, I braved the canal yesterday with my new skates during a balmy -34 with 25KMh winds so this feels a bit nicer by comparison :)

Now, entertain me with your own stories of cold adventures/apartments. Back to my work and tea.


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As much as I spend my entire work day parked at my computer I never seem to find time to update this as much as I'd like. Anyways, here's a link to my friend's blog I think people should check out. As new as it is she's got some interesting posts and ideas and I think she'd appreciate a little more traffic and some thoughtful comments : )

- Patrick

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Well, since a few people have asked I figure this would be a good enough first post. Here's a couple of videos (and the only surviving media) of the robot I built for my thesis. The first video was just a little test of the obstacle avoidance (how did I end up with so many xerox boxes?).

Second video was an earlier incarnation where I was hoping to use Python to provide the braining but decided for a simpler option.

(read on if you I haven't yet bored you)

The whole point was to build an autonomous 'bot that could be given an end point and would find the shortest path to the point while avoiding and correcting for any obstacles it encountered. Nothing too fancy or difficult, but I ended up learning a lot.

Apologies on the lack of verbosity...I'm going to try for something more....interesting. Thanks for reading this far!



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